Text Analytics Application in Indian Law Firms

Text Analytics systems such as Technology Assisted Review (TAR) and Predictive Analysis have been around for some time now, but Indian law firms have only recently begun employing them in their operations.


TAR is now being used by several Indian firms to simplify otherwise labor-intensive activities. For example, with the help of numbers-based text analytics, firms are able to cut down on the number of man-hours and resultant costs required to extract relevant documents during the discovery process.


The Supreme Court of India recently digitized about 10 million of its documents. As a result, homegrown text analytics software CaseIQ, an online legal research tool, has been steadily gaining ground in the Indian legal sector. Skeptical legal professionals are beginning to see the usefulness of this tool, which uses text analytics to extract and sort relevant information from the Internet.


India is now starting to leverage the full spectrum of Analytics capabilities in law.

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